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        Home > New Launch > Idec’s 2021 New Products

        New Products from Idec Izumi

        PS3V Metal Case Power Supply

        Suitable for downsizing of equipment

        Compact & efficient switching power supplies

        Features & Benefits:

        • Operates in a wide temperature range from –25 to +70°C. Suitable for use in a wide temperature range from cold to hot environment. – Ideally used in storage facilities such as industrial refrigerator and freezers.
        • Safe and efficient push-in connection – No need for screw retightening
        • Suitable for global use and various industries.
        • Warranty period 5 years
          Operating?Conditons apply to:
          Operating temperature 40°C, load rate 60%, standard mount
        • QR codes are printed on the product enabling easy access to the latest instruction manuals.
        • L-shaped mounting bracket and?DIN rail mounting bracket are available.
        • Flexible installation allows mounting in four directions


        Machine tools, Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, mold injection machines, food and packaging machines, multilevel parking garage, car facilities, logistics and transport facilities, agricultural facilities, energy-related facilities, and others

        SA1P Portable Sensor Checker

        Compact & lightweight. Ideal for on site use

        Uses USB battery for power

        Features & Benefits:

        • Uses External Battery for power – Saves costs over time
        • Able to use power from PC via USB cable
        • Portable and lightweight -Test and checks can be performed at any locations
        • Easy wiring with push-in terminals

        SX5E 8-Port Ethernet Switch

        Wide range of operating temperatures

        Compact, industrial-grade design and rugged metal housing

        Suitable for installation in Class I Division 2 hazardous locations

        Features & Benefits:?

        • Compact Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch
        • 10/100 Mpbs
        • Extreme Operating Temperature
        • QoS Function
        • IGMP Snooping Function
        • Broadcast Storm Protection
        • Redundant Power Inputs
        • Auto MDI/MDIX function
        • IP30 Protection
        • Rugged Metal Housing
        • cULus, CE, Class I, Division 2


        Potential applications include wastewater treatment, machine tools, packaging machines, oil and gas, food processing machines, elevators, building automation, power utilities, traffic control, transportation etc.

        HT3P Safety Commander

        Tablets act as control terminals at manufacturing site are equipped with safety devices such as enabling switch and emergency stop switch.

        Adaptable to vertical and horizontal use

        Ergonomic holder design enables ease of use and handiness


        Features & Benefits:

        • Industial tablet can be readily equipped with a safety device
        • Ergonomic design
          Adapts to both vertical and horizontal use, operability regardless of handedness.
        • The adjustable docking structure fits screen sizes of 8 to 11 inches. Attachable?to rugged tablets with thicknesses of 10 to 24mm by using a spacer accessory.
        • Emergency stop switch with LED indicator
        • Three-position enabling switch
        • Rugged construction with drop resistance of 1.2 meters
        • IP54 protection
        • USB charging port
        • Key locking function


        Applications include: Robot teaching, control of automobile production line, maintain automated car parking systems, control of semiconductor manufacturing equipment etc.

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